Twelve Days of Earth Day


Celebrate the Earth

The Twelve Days of Earth Day Celebration will begin on Thursday, April 17th and continue through April 28, 2014.

Please plan to join us for exciting new events this year!  Check back frequently to watch the schedule of events grow!

About Us

The Twelve Days of Earth Day Committee are a dedicated group of volunteers.  Our mission is to provide a platform for education and celebration of our Earth, our waters and our air, with a special emphasis on the yearly celebration of Earth Day.  We are a subcommittee of the City of Cannon Beach Parks and Community Services Committee.

Our goal is to be an inclusive community group, working to ensure and provide access to current environmental information and educational opportunities to our residents and visitors alike. 

For more information, email us at

Photo by Donna Lenius                                                                                                   Photo by Gary Hayes
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